Digital Retoucher

New York, United States


Industrial Color Brands

Tribeca, NY

Industrial Color Brands, the leader in eCommerce photography and digital content production, seeks a talented digital retoucher to work on eCommerce content.

The digital retoucher is a master in high-volume and high-quality digital retouching.

Candidates must have the ability to successfully manage and produce multiple deadline-driven projects with high image volume while maintaining the utmost in accuracy and the highest visual quality.

Responsibilities include: create masks and paths, retouch images, review and address markup comments, perform quality control check on final images prior to delivery assets.



About Industrial Color Brands

Originating in 1991, Industrial Color Brands is a family of vertically integrated creative production and software companies including globaledit, Industrial Color Productions, Industrial Color Studios, Impact Digital, Smashbox Studios and Fast Ashleys Studios. Together they provide leading production, post-production, SaaS workflow and related services. The brands provide solutions for photography, advertising, retail, media and production companies worldwide

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